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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Rethinking the route to lower-cost fuel cells

05-Feb-2016 00:39 GMT
A University of Delaware research team is developing technologies aimed at ending the reign of high-cost platinum fuel cell stacks. Read full story
Motiv electric powertrain paired with Ford chassis, Starcraft bus body
25-Jan-2016 19:36 GMT
Motiv Power Systems and Creative Bus partner to build a zero emission all-electric school bus. The new Starcraft e-Quest XL will have a range of 85 mi (137 km) and be capable of a 50% charge within 2 hrs. Read full story
OTA reflashing: the challenges and solutions
21-Jan-2016 05:24 GMT
Demand for a faster, secure approach to reprogramming on-board control modules, particularly for safety issues, is more urgent than ever. Over-the-air technologies bring a new set of issues, says an expert at Wind River. Read full story
Brembo brake-by-wire will be production-ready before 2020
21-Jan-2016 03:56 GMT
System offers fast response and eliminates piston drag, but hydraulic output to front wheels is still needed for larger cars. Read full story
2017 Pacifica is first hybrid minivan, rides on all-new FCA platform
11-Jan-2016 05:11 GMT
The clean-sheet Pacifica bristles with innovations, including a plug-in hybrid variant featuring FCA's in-house engineered EVT. Read full story
Electrified off-highway powertrains search for marketing power
08-Jan-2016 19:20 GMT
Most electric off-highway vehicles are relatively small vehicles that have small power requirements compared to some construction and agriculture behemoths. Hybrids fit more use cases. Read full story
BUDD-e concept forecasts what VW zero-emission van could be in 2019
06-Jan-2016 22:38 GMT
At the 2016 CES in Las Vegas, Volkswagen provided a glimpse into its electric future with an all-electric BUDD-e minivan concept. It would be the first model based on a new company "technology matrix" for electric vehicles called MEB, short for Modular Electric Drive Kit. Read full story
Faraday Future unveils exotic “testbed” for new range of EVs
05-Jan-2016 14:14 GMT
Called the FFZero1, the exotically styled, carbon-fiber-bodied machine—a “high performance electric dream car,” as it was presented to the audience—features interesting battery-pack design and capability to package one to four electric traction motors, delivering up to 1000 hp (746 kW) to two or four drive wheels, depending on configuration. Read full story
Cyber security issues, need for college curriculum raised at Connected Car Expo
04-Jan-2016 21:56 GMT
A hacked Jeep Cherokee and weakness in a Progressive Insurance dongle were cited at forum as what should be avoided with future efforts to develop meaningful college curriculum in cyber security. Read full story
Plug-in vehicles await better power electronics
28-Dec-2015 14:30 GMT
Next-generation power semiconductors could achieve price parity with silicon in five years, helping to lower the cost of plug-in hybrids and batter-electric vehicles. Read full story
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