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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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The race to engineer robotic personal mobility

16-May-2016 13:29 GMT
Powered exoskeletons, perhaps the ultimate in personal mobility, are no longer mere sci-fi/comic book fantasies. Hyundai/Kia is among the innovators working to reduce system cost in this exciting field. Read full story
Auto A/C expansion valves move to electronic control
25-Apr-2016 20:40 GMT
A maker of expansion valves has demonstrated a significant reduction in A/C compressor workload, benefiting vehicle energy use, by going electronic. Read full story
2016 SAE Congress: Thermal storage is solution to EV winter range loss
20-Apr-2016 17:31 GMT
Experts say Phase Change Material (PCM) formulated for high latent heat capacity can provide cabin warmth for a typical U.S. daily commute, with residual capacity insulated for an EV parked during an eight-hour workday. Read full story
New auto "ISAC" is framework for improved cybersecurity
19-Apr-2016 19:57 GMT
Experts see a loss of motorist trust if cyber attacks are possible. Common command for automotive service is one example of dangers that must be addressed. Read full story
2016 SAE Congress: Fear of the driverless car as 2020 approaches
18-Apr-2016 19:26 GMT
Advanced vehicle technology meets the Internet of Things, privacy concerns and, of course, greater regulation in the 2020 decade. Read full story
Electric propulsion is now “inescapable”
13-Apr-2016 13:41 GMT
Though battery-powered vehicles haven’t yet met predicted sales levels, leading automakers are bullish about the future, saying that newer generation vehicles now provide features and prices that will attract buyers. Read full story
Tesla's "affordable" Model 3 brings technology questions
04-Apr-2016 23:15 GMT
Tesla engineers have previously talked about a potential mixed-materials strategy as they move down the retail-price ladder. The prospect of an aluminum-intensive Model 3 raises the question of how profitable a $35,000 EV will be when it carries 60-80% of the battery capacity of the basic $71,200 Model S 70. Read full story
Enter two new plug-ins: 2017 Outlander PHEV and Prius Prime
30-Mar-2016 21:01 GMT
Mitsubishi brings its best-selling Outlander PHEV to North America with AWD, as Toyota launches its new plug-in Prius. Read full story
Hyundai targets Prius with new 'triple-electrified' Ioniq
30-Mar-2016 19:22 GMT
The 0.24-Cd body was designed for electrified propulsion only, and the propulsion system eliminates the 12-V lead acid battery in favor of a "tap" on the Li-ion battery for hotel loads and accessory power. Read full story
Rethinking the route to lower-cost fuel cells
05-Feb-2016 00:39 GMT
A University of Delaware research team is developing technologies aimed at ending the reign of high-cost platinum fuel cell stacks. Read full story
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