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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Audi shows design, fuel-cell directions

03-Dec-2014 16:47 GMT
At the 2014 LA Auto Show, the Prologue concept car and A7 Sportback h-tron illustrate the company's plans for the design of upcoming models and the fuel cell that could power them. Read full story
FCEVs and hydrogen strategies target 2017
03-Dec-2014 15:39 GMT
At the recent 2014 L.A. Auto Show, various OEMs put their latest hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles on stage. Engineers developing FCEVs are working against overlapping regulatory clocks, and OEM collaborations are taking the some of the sting out of development time and costs. Read full story
A123 Systems is hot on 12-V Li-ion for microhybrids
26-Nov-2014 20:30 GMT
Lead-acid batteries have clear advantages in cost and low-temperature performance, but Li-ion has its own set of pluses. Read full story
Allison Transmission expands electrification to accessory systems
25-Nov-2014 18:33 GMT
Allison Transmission is offering a new option to fully electrify components used with its H 40/50 EP hybrid propulsion system for transit buses and coaches. Co-developed with Vanner Inc., Increased Accessory Power II provides power from the hybrid system to accessories such as electric air conditioning, electric air compressors, and power steering systems. Read full story
Can Toyota’s Mirai be the next Prius?
18-Nov-2014 21:10 GMT
Market success of the new fuel-cell sedan depends to a large extent on steady installation of hydrogen fueling stations worldwide. Read full story
Remanufacturing cited as recycling alternative to materials separation and re-use
18-Nov-2014 15:04 GMT
Potential exists for more efficient re-use of rare earth elements, Purdue professor asserts. Regardless of choice, original component design should be engineered for dismantling to enhance end-of-life recovery, he tells Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week forum in Las Vegas. Read full story
GKN's new two-speed eAxle powers BMW i8
13-Nov-2014 20:26 GMT
Having two gear ratios rather than the single ratio that is typical of EVs enables the eAxle to boost the i8's all-wheel-drive performance across its entire speed range. Read full story
Supercar concept previews Lamborghini plug-in possibilities
12-Nov-2014 20:58 GMT
The Asterion combines the naturally aspirated V10 engine of the Huracan with three electric motors to provide a powerful gasoline/electric powertrain with low carbon dioxide emissions. Read full story
Next-generation Level 2 charger is grid-smart
12-Nov-2014 20:52 GMT
A Level 2 electric vehicle charger that can dispense power based on the available grid supply is undergoing its first field test in Detroit. Read full story
GM unveils more efficient 2016 Volt powertrain
29-Oct-2014 17:49 GMT
Major changes to the car’s battery, Voltec electric drive system, and gasoline-engine generator—all are essentially new—are expected to increase its overall driving range and energy use by up to 12% compared with the current Volt. Read full story
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