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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Heavy brake re-gen feel dominates i3 driving experience

15-Apr-2014 20:13 GMT
With its i3 slated to reach U.S. customer hands in early May, BMW is ramping up production of its first mass-produced all-electric vehicle. Read full story
Energy independence and the smart grid
09-Apr-2014 14:29 GMT
A lively panel discussion at the SAE 2014 World Congress explored the role of battery-equipped vehicles in a smart, vehicle-to-grid network. Read full story
Hybrid-electric distributed propulsion explored
04-Apr-2014 20:38 GMT
Recent advancements in electronics, computers, and power distribution have made distributed propulsion feasible, but major challenges remain. Read full story
Toyota Motorsport pursues Le Mans prize with 1000-PS all-wheel-drive hybrid
01-Apr-2014 18:18 GMT
Toyota's new all-wheel-drive TS040 Hybrid Le Mans racer matches a 520-PS gasoline V8 with 480 PS of hybrid-electric assist for a total 1000 PS available from all four wheels under acceleration. Read full story
SAE International battery committee chair defines the value proposition of batteries
25-Mar-2014 19:12 GMT
Many people are skeptical of electrified vehicles (EVs)—and specifically the battery pack, because it is the most expensive part of the auto. By building an explanation that is more accessible to society, the industry (and the world!) will benefit. Read full story
SAE adopts two hydrogen-fueling standards to advance commercialization of fuel-cell vehicles
19-Mar-2014 12:31 GMT
J2601 and J2799 spell out pressure levels and other parameters for hydrogen fueling, helping pave the way for commercialization of fuel-cell vehicles. Read full story
CPT's switched-reluctance motor-generator seen as path to 48-V systems
12-Mar-2014 17:32 GMT
Controlled Power Technologies' switched reluctance (SR) motor-generator technology was developed for a new breed of 48-V mild-hybrid vehicles. Read full story
Batteries that don’t burn
07-Mar-2014 16:15 GMT
Potential lithium-ion battery electrolyte replacement being researched at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill is non-flammable. Read full story
GM’s Nitz gets new dual role of EV and Transmission Engineering director
05-Mar-2014 12:21 GMT
Formerly chief of hybrid and electric powertrain engineering, Nitz is now Executive Director, Global Transmissions and Electrification. His new role reflects the evolution of automotive transmission systems as their mechanical and electrical functionality converges. Read full story
Ford solar hybrid concept recharges off-grid
24-Feb-2014 14:51 GMT
Rooftop solar cells and lens canopy enable the C-MAX to go 21 battery-only miles after an 8-h recharge. Read full story
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