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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Punch Powertrain pushes its flywheel-CVT hybrid technology

08-Jul-2014 15:00 GMT
A simpler spin on hybrids relies on mechanical flywheels and push-belts rather than batteries and motors Read full story
Ford test-protocol error causes EPA ratings revision
12-Jun-2014 21:10 GMT
The cause of the issue was an error in the process Ford engineers used to correlate wind-tunnel testing into their Total Road Load Horsepower (TRLHP) factor that is key to the vehicle fuel economy models that are ultimately submitted to the U.S. EPA. Read full story
Efficient power electronics for hybrids and EVs
04-Jun-2014 20:33 GMT
Toyota moves toward silicon carbide-based semiconductors to boost efficiency. Read full story
Lead-acid rules as forklift battery, but alternatives pursued
01-May-2014 16:48 GMT
The forklift is one of the few applications where less battery weight is not necessarily a good thing. Read full story
2016 preview: Driving Continental’s 48-V hybrid
01-May-2014 14:16 GMT
Conti's new 48-V hybrid system is a package-efficient module aimed at delivering much of the functionality of a 200- to 400-V hybrid system for a fraction of the cost. It will enter production in 2016 at two OEMs. Read full story
Novel nanocatalysts for fuel cells
28-Apr-2014 17:38 GMT
3-D catalytic activity of new open-frame nanoparticles is twenty times that of existing formulations. Read full story
BMW shows plug-in hybrid electric based on X5 Sports Activity Vehicle
21-Apr-2014 16:12 GMT
Vehicle has 18 mi/30 km all-electric range from lithium-ion battery pack. Uses 2.0-l twin-scroll turbo engine with combination peak output of 270 hp/201 kW and 300 lb ft/407 N-m. Offers "predictive navigation" for high fuel efficiency, and can save battery capacity for areas that may require electric vehicle-only operation. European drive cycle ratings are 3.8 l/100 km (62 mpg) and just 89 grams CO₂/100 km. Read full story
Heavy brake re-gen feel dominates i3 driving experience
15-Apr-2014 20:13 GMT
With its i3 slated to reach U.S. customer hands in early May, BMW is ramping up production of its first mass-produced all-electric vehicle. Read full story
Energy independence and the smart grid
09-Apr-2014 14:29 GMT
A lively panel discussion at the SAE 2014 World Congress explored the role of battery-equipped vehicles in a smart, vehicle-to-grid network. Read full story
Viewing 21 to 30 of 49

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