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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Work of Cal U researchers to improve EV batteries includes nanomaterials

06-Dec-2013 19:19 GMT
If smaller and thinner particles can be aligned in a certain way, it may be possible for a battery to hold a charge 50% longer than current batteries can. Read full story
Always 'on the horizon,' fuel-cell vehicles now 'around the corner'
05-Dec-2013 11:55 GMT
Hyundai promises Tucson-based model for $500/month lease by next Spring, and is prepared to make as many as it can lease. Honda and Toyota have conservative projections for near-term, but will market FC cars in 2015. Read full story
Some researchers will not stand still for wireless EV charging
04-Dec-2013 18:57 GMT
Base-station cordless EV battery charging is only in the early stages of development, but already some are researching the possibility of charging on the go. Read full story
BMW i8 has right look for high-end sports car
02-Dec-2013 23:53 GMT
As quick and nimble as the i3 stablemate is, BMW promises an even better driving experience with the i8 plug-in hybrid-electric sports car. Read full story
Extended-range electric truck retrofit production announced at LA Auto Show
02-Dec-2013 23:42 GMT
VIA Motors says it has begun retrofit electric vehicle production of vans at plant in Mexico, using General Motors commercial vehicles, with pickups based on Chevy Silverado to follow in 2014. Traction motor replaces OE transmission. Lithium-ion battery pack has 21.4 kW·h rating for 40 mi (64 km) all-electric range for truck, 35 mi (56 km) for van. Read full story
Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner a testbed for advanced technology (Video)
26-Nov-2013 14:12 GMT
The current Banks Super-Turbo Freightliner Cascadia that tore up Pikes Peak earlier this year features plenty of technology, notably a souped-up 14-L Detroit Diesel 60 series engine and a water-methanol injection system. But the future involves hybridization and alternative fuels, said Gale Banks and racer Mike Ryan at the 2013 SEMA Show. Read full story
Safer EV batteries could enter the crush zone
26-Nov-2013 14:01 GMT
ARPA-e targets "robust" batteries that not only bear loads but also absorb crash-impact energy to save weight. Read full story
Carbon-fiber composites that double as batteries
13-Nov-2013 18:25 GMT
If batteries could be integrated directly into car structures such as doors and body panels, EVs could weigh less and travel farther on a single charge, according to Emile Greenhalgh, a researcher at The Composites Center of Imperial College London. Volvo recently demonstrated in an S80 sedan a prototype underhood plenum panel that is made of carbon-fiber composites that contain lithium-ion batteries. Read full story
Hybrid copter is first of its kind
06-Nov-2013 20:41 GMT
Regulatory authorities in Germany decided to develop a new aircraft category called volocopter to accommodate the new 18-motor VC200. Read full story
Supercapacitors aim to charge ahead
25-Oct-2013 15:56 GMT
Long overshadowed by batteries, supercapacitors are exploiting niches in microhybrids and hybrid buses. Read full story
Viewing 31 to 40 of 71

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