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Vehicle Electricification: April 18, 2013

Vehicle Electrification
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Battery guru: Future of 18650 cells unclear beyond Tesla S

17-Feb-2014 17:25 GMT
Automotive battery industry expert Dr. Menahem Anderman doesn't see other OEMs adopting the commodity 18650 type battery cell successfully used by Tesla Motors. Read full story
Kia Soul EV unveiled in Chicago
14-Feb-2014 12:52 GMT
The 2015 Soul EV debuts as Kia's first all-electric vehicle for the U.S. market. With its 27 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery and 81.4-kW electric motor, the expected driving range is 80-100 miles (129-161 km). Read full story
Automakers expanding 48-V production plans, says AVL electrification chief
13-Feb-2014 13:02 GMT
Automotive battery suppliers are adding 48-V volumes to their prototype and production schedules at a steady rate as a number of automakers prepare to launch new dual-voltage electrical systems within the next few years. Read full story
CARB: 54.5 mpg CAFE not enough to spur EV technologies
12-Feb-2014 13:03 GMT
The new "oil boom" is causing California's air-quality regulators to develop new policies to stimulate the industry's investments in ZEV technologies, and hopefully accelerate hybrid and EV sales, a member of the Air Resources Board told the 2014 SAE Hybrid & EV Symposium audience. Read full story
Audi pushes next-generation auto electronics
06-Feb-2014 14:07 GMT
The automaker unveiled a range of telematics, infotainment, and other electronics prototype and concept developments at 2014 CES. Read full story
Oiling the way to greater EV efficiency
30-Jan-2014 22:13 GMT
Lubricant performance may not appear to be a salient challenge for EV operation even when it comes to the development of world electric speed record achievements and on-track e-racecars; but it is, says Millers Oils' Technical Director, Martyn Mann. Read full story
BYD electric bus provides 30-h service on single charge
30-Jan-2014 18:49 GMT
BYD and the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) recently announced some findings from a two-month pilot test on a 40-ft BYD battery-electric bus conducted in Manhattan from Aug. 25 to Oct. 25 of last year. The electric bus maker also recently completed the first phase of a 10-month trial, which commenced this past summer in Gatineau, Quebec, and Ottawa, Ontario, again using a 40-ft BYD-supplied electric bus. Read full story
Toyota targets 2015 for first fuel-cell car
23-Jan-2014 21:17 GMT
Affordable fuel-cell vehicles are coming to California, it says, as is a practical hydrogen refueling system Read full story
EVs and HEVs bring new dimensions to durability testing
22-Jan-2014 19:16 GMT
In parallel with the auto industry's car design and engineering challenges runs the vital function of testing. With the advent of EVs and HEVs it has acquired an increasingly complex dimension. Read full story
Diesel and electrified vehicles from German OEMs enjoying increased popularity in U.S.
16-Jan-2014 21:01 GMT
The product portfolios of German automakers range from clean diesels battery-electrics. Read full story
Viewing 31 to 40 of 66

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